Music Theory

Theory doesn't have to be scary ...

Music theory is really scary, but is invaluable in understanding what you are playing and how to hear and identify what is happening in music quickly and correctly. Not everyone is a great reader, I'm certainly not, but getting to know how scales work, key signatures, relative majors and minors, chord construction and modes, alongside many other interesting topics can help you progress as a player and a writer enormously. 


Transcription Papers and PDF

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Fretboard Knowledge. Neck/stave (A one week Lesson)

Do 'one note a day' learning A at all frets AND stave, the B day two and so on....


The rest of the musical alphablet is to follow ... The point is ... to relate the frets to the stave or this exercise is pointless.
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Diatonic Intervals

Invaluable in ear training and pitch recognition, this is a short explanation of the diatonic intervals inside the octave. 

Diatonic Intervals PDF
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Diatonic Intervals Guitar Pro GPX
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Complete Key Signatures

My good friend and colleague Franc O'sheas complete guide to key signatures. Heavy duty stuff, but an excellent guide to knowing the sharps and flats in any key, and a very interesting guide indeed.
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