Pat Heath 

Pat Heath began his career as a guitarist after studying at Musician's Institute London in the summer of 1994. 


Having completed the course at the G.I.T. he joined UK rock band 'Passion Street' and went on tour, including main support on Peter Frampton's 'Comes alive II ' tour in 1995 at the the tender age of eighteen. Pat then went on to session for the US singer Hugo (formerly of Valentine) in his UK appearences in 1996/7.  


After Passion Street renamed and put out their second release 'Monsters' under the moniker of 'Brave New World' the band continuted their live playing with Danger Danger frontman Ted Poley and played venues around the UK including Liverpool's famous venue 'The Cavern'.


In the early part of 2000 Pat proudly contributed to the tribute album to his teenage hero Jason Becker, cruelly struck down with ALS, playing a cover of Cacophony's 'Go Off' featuring alongside guitarists such as Chris Poland and Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai on an album that raises money for Jason's healthcare. 


In 2005 Pat collabroated with Tyketto frontman Danny Vaughn and went on to have 5 happy years playing lead guitar in the band releasing the album 'Traveller' in 2007, after which he joined up with with UK band FURYON, contributing the the album 'Gravitas' and touring the UK and Europe extensively. 


Pat decided to finish his time with FURYON in 2012 and now works with ESP guitars in product promotion and lectures at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music and is a monthly columnist for Guitar Techniques magazine.